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About Us

Since our philosophy is based on honesty, mutual trust and achieving the perfectionism, we prefer to follow up all the procedures of our partners at the stage of yacht building and solve all the possible problems which may arise between the yacht builder and the yacht owner while the agreement is being signed. Of course, we do this by applying our unmatched and long history of experience in shipyards. Since 1993 we have experience in Turkey, we worked as Captains in some of the boats which we have been part of their construction & advisor. Afterwards, we have been joining Yacht Management & Charter Business and Boatbuilding in many shipyards, assisted fitting of the boats for the seas.

Our team had completed all their projects with total professionalism in their careers and professions without making any concessions. According to us, to do a good job, the only road is; the belief that by starting a project at the right place, at the right time and with the right people.

We have been part of boat building in many shipyards, assisted fitting of the boats for the seas. Afterwards, we worked as captains in some of the boats which we have been part of their construction. We realized transoceanic deliveries. Our team realized the transfer and delivery 2 separate yachts of 30m and 32m to Maldives, 2 separate yachts to Dubai, 4 yachts to Spain, 2 yachts to Italy.

Navigo Yachts team, has personally worked in Yachts, Yacht management, Yacht building, practised their professions in many and best yachts in the area and they are some of the most professional people in their professions and yacht building business.

Our team is very well connected in Turkey, Greece and Mediterranean yacht sector and is very capable of providing every kind of masters, engineers and materials that no other person can achieve. They can find and provide supplies anywhere in Turkey or Europe with the shortest and most economical ways.

It is our principal to work with masters with the most experience and professionalism, during boat building. We are capable of buildings boats according to the demands, standards (Rina, MCA) and capability requested by the boat owner during the construction of the boat.

Navigo Yachts has been established on the basis of mutual trust which comes from our team members’ unmatched expertise in boat building in Istanbul, Bodrum and in the surrounding area.

Our philosophy is based on; Honesty, mutual trust and achievement of perfectionism.

Navigo Yachts