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Capt.Bilal Davutoğlu / Founder and Owner at ''Navigo Yachts''.

Captain Bilal was born in Istanbul, is a son of a sailor family, graduated from Maritime College, and started to work as a captain in 1993. During his career, Captain Bilal worked for more than 20 years in different types of yachts. Between the dates 2003 - 2019 he was the Operator Manager & Captain on the most popular Gulet in eastern Mediterranean 34 meters S/Y “Ecce Navigo.” After his active Captainship career on the sea, Mr. Bilal Davutoğlu is in charge of the yacht management of “ Ecce Navigo,” and also managing new construction and yacht maintenance projects in various shipyards of Turkey.

Captain Bilal has vast experience about yacht charter, yacht management, and yacht building. Mr. Davutoğlu has established the company '' Navigo Yachts '' with the aim of serving in the fields of Yacht Management, New Construction of Boats, Yacht Refit, Brokerage, and Yacht Charter.



Capt.Hasan Pehlivan / Adviser at ''Navigo Yachts''.

Capt.Pehlivan is the Ocean Going Master who has graduated from Istanbul Technical University of Maritime Faculty. He has worked as an officer and master on board of various ships and the became pilot for Bosphorus and Dardanelles Straits. The on the year of 1994 he joined to U.N RO-RO Isletmeleri A.S as Operations Manager and retired on October / 2014 from U.N RO-RO Isletmeleri A.S. When he retired, he was COO for 3 years. He has managed 12 pcs. over 250m RO-RO ships for almost 17 years of the period. He is an expert on ship management, survey, and certification. Capt. Hasan Pehlivan's unique experience in the marine sector continues to be a Adviser at '' Navigo Yachts ''.



Enver Dikbaş, Engineer / Engineering department adviser at ''Navigo Yachts''.

Mr Enver Dikbaş started his marine engineering career at a very early age. During his career, Mr Enver Dikbaş gave technical and mechanical consultancy to big scale marine companies of Turkey, like “Bora Denizcilik” and “UN RO-RO”. He provided repairment, maintenance, and refit services to these companies with his own company.

Mr Dikbaş is taking part in building high-quality yachts in the shipyards all over Turkey since 1995 and he is highly specialized about maintenance and refit of luxury yachts.

Together with his huge knowledge and experience on marine machinery, new construction, and maintenance; Mr Enver Dikbaş is the head of engineering department at '' Navigo Yachts''.



Capt. Kerem Turkmen / Yacht Design & Marine Survey adviser at ''Navigo Yachts''.

Capt. Turkmen graduated from Istanbul Technical University in 1997 as a naval officer and served 14 years on big size of vessels including chemical tankers which require extensive workload and responsibility with reaching Master Mariner rank in 2006.

He has been working as a marine and yacht surveyor for international market since 2011 where he gained excellent consultancy experience for yacht repairs, refit, construction as well as management and he combines this valuable knowledge with Yacht Design Master Degree in 2016.

Capt. Turkmen acts as our consultant and solution for a wide range of matters including the repairs, relevant laws, and liability.


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